Gold River First Trip

I drove from Nanaimo to Gold River on the west coast of BC, spent a night and explored the area. In this blog I'm going to tell you a little bit about Gold River, the wharf area on the west coast plus the fabulous falls on Buttle Lake that is in Strathcona Park. 

Let's get orientated by viewing a map (click to enlarge all images):

The journey starts at Gold River after travelling to Campbell River and following the very scenic Highway 28 to Gold River. I headed down the road to the west coast wharf west of Gold River. This is a very busy area so don't expect a beach. A few shots:

The non-business side of the harbour

The MV Uchuck III navigates the Nootka Sound and others and can accommodate 100 passengers and carries tons of freight for the communities around. This is a working vessel but caters to travellers as well. You can go on a day cruise in an amazing marine land or pick other options. Other "taxi" options include a day trip to the famous Nootka Island where Captain Cook arrived on the west coast of BC. Known for a fabulous beach walk which is on my bucket list.

So whats the big thing going on here? Well, certainy lumber and logs. A pulp mill operated for awhile but shut down when prices fell. It can be seen in the background of the the following photos:

Here is the heart of business. A log sorting shoreline. Logs come in by trucks and by water. This giant crane scoops them up for processing. Some go to local mills but I expect that many are shipped to Asia. The next shot shows a vessel awaiting to do that. (I can't confirm that it is going to Asia; it could be going to a BC mill?)

This ship can carry a lot of BC logs.

I explored a bit more around Gold River and want to explore Tahsis next time. Accessible by good gravel road.

Now I head back to visit Myra falls and Buttle Lake on the way home. Here's a image of this huge lake:

Lots of beautiful spots on this lake including a resort and campgrounds.

Last destination before returning home is Myra Falls at the very south end of the lake. There are a series of three falls; here are two omagesof the bottom (and best) fall (click to enlarge):

Closer view.

Bigger view.

Don't hesitate to visit Strathcona Park or Gold River. Many treasures await. (Last Year's visit to Stathcona Park: